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Riverside 9 Apartments – Wenatchee


Wenatchee, Washington State

A live/work community comprised of luxury open-concept floor plan apartments and amenities which include a resident lounge with a coffee station, seating areas with WiFi, a gym and direct access to the on-site outdoor pool.  A continuous walkway links the third floor (and in some areas, the second floor) of the entire live/work section, containing one and two bedroom apartments and townhouses above and adjacent to commercial space) while stair towers with arched entrances allow access to the second and third-floor walkways from the first floor/street level of the live/work section.  Behind this section, along the river side, are apartment buildings a clubhouse (resident lounge), a pool and the office.


Wyatt Architects

Scope of Services

Structural Design and drawings for production of Permit Set for live/work apartment complex with several different apartment building styles, including those live/work buildings with commercial and residential shared space; a residential lounge, a pool and a gym.


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