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Copper Range


Colorado Springs, Colorado


Inland Construction

Scope of Services

Structural Design and drawings for Permit and Construction of ten (10) buildings: two different three-story apartment buildings, three (3) different 4/3-story apartment building types containing 240 units;  one (1) one-story club house building with pool, one maintenance building and eight (8) garages which are each different building types of seven (7) different garage building types of 1-story garages nearing 60 spaces; and/or 1-story carports nearing 50 spaces and associate site amenities.

Structural System

Project consists of Wood-framed apartment buildings with slab-on-grade construction and roofs that are of pre-engineered wood trusses designed by others.  The upper floor structures were constructed with dimensional lumber; the ground floors were reinforced slab-on-grade foundation systems with thickened edge footings and thickened interior continuous and spread footings bearing on compact structural fill.

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