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Affinity at Puyallup


Puyallup, Washington


Inland Group

Scope of Services

Structural Design and drawings for a 4-story, 170-unit senior complex with an attached porte-cochere, pool building and 6 garage buildings.

Project Size

One 170-unit 4-story building, one single-story pool house and the garage buildings.

Structural System

Project consists of design of the 4-story building with attached porte-cochere, the pool house and the 6 garage buildings which consist of 4 different design types.  Roof structures constructed of pre-engineered wood trusses designed by others.  The floor structures will be constructed of pre-engineered wood I-joists.  The foundation system will be conventional, with continuous and spread footings, and with a concrete slab-on-grade.  A structural plan and calculation package was prepared for each individual building for permit submittal and approval to the City of Puyallup and also submitted to HUD for review.

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