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Copper Mountain


Richland, Washington


Inland Group

Scope of Services

Civil and Structural Design and drawings and construction support for 276 units comprised of 12 apartments buildings, one single-story club building, one maintenance building, one bicycle shelter building, one mail kiosk and 8 garages on a 12.5 acre parcel.

Structural System

Project consists of:  3 different 3-story building types, 2 different 3/2-story apartment building types, 3 different garage building types, one each of maintenance, bicycle shelter, mail kiosk and club building.  All buildings are Type VA or VB construction in accordance with 2015 IBC and local amendments.  Roof structure is designed using per-constructed wood trusses designed by others.  Upper floor structures will be constructed of dimensional lumber with a one inch thick non-structural gypcrete topping slab.  The ground floors will be slab-on-grade with standard perimeter concrete stem walls and continuous footings and and thickened interior continuous and spread footings bearing on compacted structural fill, similar to past projects in this geographical area.

Civil Services

Site development, Grading & Drainage/On-site Sanitary Sewer/Frontage Improvement/TESC/Dimensional Site plans, Cut/Fill analysis for excavated materials, Construction support.

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